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The Law Office of Michael F. Pelluzzi, PLLC

"Barry Wernick is an outstanding mediator whom I am happy to recommend to anyone in need of a highly qualified mediator.  He is creative, intuitive and smart.  If you need a good, no, great mediator, he should be your first choice." MIchael F. Pelluzzi, Esq.

Mathur Law Offices, P.C.

"Barry is a great mediator!  He was very professional and took the time to really understand my client's perspective.  He helped us settle a tough case not just from a legal standpoint but from an emotional standpoint.  I would highly recommend Barry's services to other attorneys!" Brandon Beuerlein, Esq.

Russ F.

"Provides the best mediation services around. Honest, tough, fair. Gets results!" Russ F., Negotiations Client

Jenn P.

"Thank you so much for your assistance. You’ve been an incredible help! This has been one of the roughest periods of my life. Actually, it’s really been the worst. I’m so glad to be past it." Jenn P., Mediation Participant

BWA Law Group

" Thank you for your assistance in getting this matter settled. I appreciate the way you were able to move the process forward by pointing out the negatives as well as the positives of the case. I know my client isn’t thrilled about having to cover the costs but as you pointed out in Mediation, the costs to go forward with litigation would have outweighed the costs to settle." Anthony Acosta, Esq.

Kim M.

"We offer our sincere gratitude for mediating this situation to a reasonable conclusion. The past few months have weighed on us and we truly did not think we were going to all agree on an exit plan. We are very relieved to have it behind us." Kim M., Mediation Participant


Dallas County Dispute Resolution Center

"Mr. Wernick is an accomplished mediator who has dedicated a portion of his practice to giving back to the community.  He is currently volunteering as a pro bono mediator with the Dallas County Dispute Resolution Center (DCDRC).  In his role as a third party neutral, he is assisting those who have a lack of resources resolve their legal dispute with dignity and pride.  His background in the law, professionalism, tact, people skills, and ability to hear what is not being said, has set him apart as an outstanding mediator.  I highly recommend those who have pending legal disputes to employ Mr. Wernick as their mediator.  He will get the job done!" Othel Bursey Jr., MPA